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Gothenburg, where are thou?

Sweden (not to be mistaken for Switzerland with its mountains, joddeling and swiss cheese), the country of Anders Zorn, ABBA, Volvo Cars, midnight sun, meatballs and smorgasbord… Gothenburg, or as it's known in Sweden, Göteborg, is the country's second city, yet very different in character to its faraway big brother, Stockholm.

Welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg, the gem on westcoast, and sometimes called “Little London” due to (once upon a time) its many Pub’s. About half a million people live in the community of Gothenburg has all the characteristics of 'lagom', not to much and not to little, just perfectly in between. We have a fairly small city centre and many cozy areas of different characteristics nearby. All within walking distance.

We have World-class seafood, award-winning restaurants as well as price-worthy hot-spots with great food. We also have a magnificent coastline that is drawing international visitors in ever-increasing numbers. For Scandinavian people water temperature is refreshing (to put it in a good way) but many would probably see a bathing temperature of 18-19 degrees Celsius as darn cold.

The Gothenburger (No, we are not talking about an eatable burger )

The typical Gothenburger (Göteborgare) is known as a rather friendly and helpful person. Sometimes a bit loud even. Our accent has been voted as the friendliest AND sexiest for many years in Sweden but we as Gothenburgers don’t understand why. Would say that we are known for our sense of humor (for good or bad).

Like most Swedes we like to have a fika (coffee and cake with friends) and we prefer to walk instead of taking the car, especially in the city.

Swedish people are generally very good in English and you will not have any problem to communicate with locals, even if many of us refer it to Swenglish.

Our Studio

The Studio is located in Sockerbruket (Sugar Mill) right next to the landmark Älvsborgsbron (Älvsborgs bridge). This red stone brick area is filled with private showrooms, art and music studios. You’ll find a bunch of small restaurants and bar’s located next to the waterline. One of the major Art Scene “Röda Sten” is also nearby.

Articles and information about Gothenburg

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