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Sweet November!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Never has anyone longed for this dark and cold winter month as much as we do now!

Only a few days ago Sweden cancelled the preliminary travel ban and has let go of all previous restrictions (still with a few 'recommendations' though). Wheiter the change is permanent or not is of course impossible to say, but it's an indication od an improved situation in the country. Around 75% of the Swedish population has received at least two doses of a vaccine, and previous talk about herd immunity may soon become reality. It is now possible to conduct workshops and also meet under fairly 'normal' circumstances. After almost two years of this #%&!!! Covid it feels pretty amazing!

The major thing in November is of course that Costa Dvorezky finally are joining us for a workshop in Gothenburg! We are sure there will be plenty of warmth during our painting sessions, but the fact is that November is a both cold and dark month but right know it is the best month ever! :-)

Gothenburg has rather mild winters, compared to the north of Sweden, but snow is not unusual and sometimes there is plenty of it too. November-December is the perfect time to explore Swedish holiday traditions, plus Gothenburg is dressed in its finest suits of glimmering lights from late November until the New Year. Dark falls quickly in the afternoons, but Swedes are quick to compensate with candle lights in homes, restaurants and cafés. Cozyness overload!

We still have a few spots available for the workshop, and even so November (24-28) is quite the opposite of August and summertime we can promise you a lovely time!

From Sweden with love.


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