Figurative painting in oil with Olga Krimon

Figurative painting in oil with Olga Krimon



Whether you are an advanced or a beginner student you will get a lot of work and a lot of information. Olga will teach her approach to composing a strong painting, modeling the form, and merging reality and imagination - there is so much more to a painting than just representing what you see!

  • Olga Krimon

    Olga Krimon is a Ukrainian born artist whose evocative figure paintings have received wide acclaim in exhibitions across the U.S.A. Born in Odessa, Olga Krimon received academic art education in Kazan, Russia where she was largely influenced by Repin, Serov, Brullov, Levitan, Kramskoy, Fechin and other Russian titans. She then discovered Sargent, Zorn, Sorolla and Cecilia Beaux and the inherent movement and bold brushstrokes in their pieces. Over time, she developed her own style grounded in fundamental principles of academic realism, sensitivity to subtle value and color transitions, and yet bold energy of movement and expressive brushstrokes.

    She continued to grow and develop her skills later in America, through drawing classes with Glen Orbik and painting classes with Jeremy Lipking. Olga continues to refine her craft through independent studies and daily practice.

    Olga’s Figurative and Still Life Paintings have been recognized with awards by the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America and Art Renewal Center International Salon Competition.

    Artist statement: “I take reality. I absorb it through the mill of my experiences and schooling, and then I produce a new carefully designed reality that evokes feelings and memories. This reality takes abstraction of strokes, edges, values and color relationships, and morphs them into a world that I imagined, that affects a viewer on a level deeper than words”

    You can see more of Olga’s work here:

  • Details

    Date: To be decided

    Level: Beginner to Advanced

    Medium: Oil on Board or Canvas

    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Class size: 12-16 students

    Material list: Will be send upon registration

    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Price: Euro 980 (includes VAT, 30 hours of class, life models, easels, solvents and brush cleaner, welcome drink Sunday)

9 900,00 krPrice