Wildlife & Landscape Painting with Thorgrimur Einarson

Wildlife & Landscape Painting with Thorgrimur Einarson



During this workshop Thorgrimur will guide you through important topics such as color theory, values, edges and composition. He will show you how these tools all come together to create a finished painting. The aim of this workshop is to enhance your ability to see nature with an artist's eye, taking inspiration from what's in front of you.


The base for this workshop will be at Sockerbruket in Gothenburg. However, if the weather allows us, we will go to different beautiful locations inside and outside the city by bus, tram or by foot. 


The workshop is open to all levels of artists looking to learn or improve their skills in wildlife and landscape painting.


  • About the Instructor

    Thorgrimur is an Icelandic artist, born in Reykjavík in 1980. He spent his teens composing and performing music before enrolling at the School of Audio Engineering in London at the age of 23. After London, musical aspirations led him to the Royal Conservatory in den Haag, Holland, from where he graduated in 2010. However, having aquired an interest in oil painting during his stay, he found he was further able to articulate his creative outlet in a visual medium, and has almost exclusively focused his attentions on oil painting since then.


    Whenever possible, Thorgrimur prefers to work from direct observation, believing it to be the optimum way of creating an authentic look. Even though he finds inspiration in a variety of subjects the landscape, his greatest passion, continually finds its way to his canvas.

    Working in the Alla Prima style of painting, Thorgrimur expresses his subject in what he likes to describe as painterly realism. Maintaining an emphasis on “accurate” drawing, values and color, he aspires to capture his subject as honestly as possible while articulating its emotional impact.

    You can see more of Thorgrimurs work here:

    Instagram: thorgrimur.art

  • Details

    Date: September 1-5, 2021 

    Place: Gothenburg

    Level: All levels are welcome

    Medium:  Oil on Canvas

    Class size: 12-16 students

    Material list: Will be send upon registration

    Location:  Gothenburg, Sweden 

    Price: Euro 980 (includes VAT, 30 hours of class, life models, easels, solvents and brush cleaner, welcome drink Sunday)

9 900,00 krPrice

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