Line and Color Portrait Painting with Agnes Grochulska

Line and Color Portrait Painting with Agnes Grochulska



In this workshop, artists of all levels will learn about Agnes’ approach to painting portraits, practice life drawing from models, create their own oil painting following the instructions, and have an opportunity to watch her paint along with the group. The Line and Color workshop is designed to take five days. Each day will focus on different aspects of the artist’s painting process.


Day One - Drawing: portrait and figure drawing practice from models as preparation to gestural approach to painting.


Day Two - Line: creating an underdrawing on canvas.


Day Three - Light and Shadow: establishing lights and shadows in oil paint.


Day Four and Day Five - Color: painting the portrait using a deliberately chosen color palette.


Each day will consist of three parts: Theory, Practice, and a Discussion.


Day One - Life Drawing Practice. 1.THEORY: - Google Docs presentation on “Drawing with Expression not Expectation” 2. PRACTICE: - Instinctive Sketching - Short Drawing sessions (from 1-minute contour line drawing to 20-minutes studies) - Longer Poses (45 minutes drawing sessions) - Voluntary critique of student progress 3.DISCUSSION: Sketching and drawing practice. Goals, reasons and sharing practical tips.


Day Two - Line. 1.THEORY: The Process: - Gesture drawing (line of action) for the initial placement and energy of the portrait - Construction and observation in portrait painting: explanation of the Loomis and Reilly construction methods, and other observation/measurement methods - Theory of composition - Idea/message that I am trying to convey in this particular portrait (The “why?”) Examples in art. 2. PRACTICE: - Line drawing - Gesture and Construction. Sketch in basic composition according to the direction/message/meaning you want to convey. Step-by-step construction process (charcoal/pencil on canvas) - The Planes of the Face - establish main construction lines for the face planes - Features -Using comparative measuring, establishing the main features - Voluntary critique of student progress 3.DISCUSSION: Intuitive gesture versus construction. Discussing painting and drawing methods.


Day Three - Light and shadow. 1. THEORY: - Basic anatomy/geometry of the human features (drawing demonstration of eyes, nose, lips) - Light and shadow - basic theory of modelling the form. Examples in art. 2. PRACTICE: - Composition, proportions, perspective - Painting the human face and figure - Establish the direction of the light source - Building the form - light and shadow 3. DISCUSSION: Realism and objectivity versus expression and individuality. Discussing the spectrum from representational to abstract art. What do I want to exaggerate or distort? Does it work for the overall emotion and feel of the painting?


Day Four and Five - Color 1. THEORY: - Color theory (hue, value, chroma), value scale in monochrome and color, mixing skin tones. - The meaning and impact of color. - The overall impression of the painting as compared to the model and to the idea for the painting. Examples. 2. PRACTICE: - Focal Point - According to the composition idea and the emotion the portrait is supposed to convey and decide what will the focal point of the painting be - use edge/texture/color accents - Making a conscientious decision on how to make the painting intriguing, a composition that draws and keeps the viewer in - Think of/decide on a color palette for the finished painting - Premix basic colors for the skin tones - The background: color, mood, elements - Deciding on the level of finished/unfinished for this painting - Voluntary critique of student progress. 3. DISCUSSION: Is my painting “believable”? Why did I want to create this painting? What is a successful painting? Is my idea/message for the painting easily readable? (At least to me?...) What is finished/unfinished in painting?



  • Agnes Grochulska

    Agnes Grochulska is a contemporary painter working mainly in oils. She also creates drawings in graphite and charcoal. Agnes studied design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia.

    Since becoming a full time artist in 2016 her work has been shown among others, at galleries in New York City, Denver, Miami, Virginia and abroad. A solo exhibition of her work took place at Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, May 2019. Recent exhibitions include NOMAD St. Moritz, Switzerland with John Wolf, and “New Waves 2020” at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art curated by Susan Thompson, an Associate Curator at the Guggenheim Museum.

    Agnes’ work has won several awards and has been published in Colossal Magazine, Artist’s Magazine, Drawing Magazine, Artists on Art Magazine and others. Her drawings and paintings have been shown and privately collected throughout the US and Europe. 

    Agnes is interested in a broad spectrum of themes and subjects in her art. She is drawn to the human subject with all the emotion, meaning, and importance that only the human form can carry. Another idea she likes to explore is the landscape around her, trying to capture the essence of the place.

    You can see more of Agnes work here:

  • Details

    Date: To be decided

    Level: Beginner to Advanced

    Medium: Oil on Board or Canvas

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Class size: 12-16 students

    Material list: Will be send upon registration

    Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

    Price: Euro 980/SEK 980 (includes VAT, 30 hours of class, life models, easels, solvents and brush cleaner)

9 900,00 krPrice

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