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Christian Hook - list of interest of future workshop

If you sign up here it only means you will be one of the firsts to find out WHEN and WHERE we will host the workshop with artist and entrepreneur Christian Hook. After that it's just to fasten your seatbelts and sign up for the real event, first comes first.:-)
Christian Hook - list of interest of future workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

About the event

A workshop without a date?

Well, with artist, musician and entrepreneur Christian Hook it seems to be the way to do it. Due to Hooks busy program between creating art, writing and recording music, shooting TV documentaries, having exhibitions and lots of more interesting things he's doing, it's difficult to schedule an exact time in the far future. 

We know that we some day will do a venture together, and when it happens it will happen fast.

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